The Dice Roll Promotion

Give everyone a chance to roll the dice for their chance to win a prize. You can choose to use 5, 6 or 7 dice to spell out a special word or phrase that, if someone rolls they will win the prize. Invite guests down to your event for the promotion and see how your business can benefit. Raise the excitement by raising the stakes and your event is sure to be a success!

Some examples are:

  • (5) [H]-[O]-[N]-[D]-[A], or [P]-[R]-[I]-[Z]-[E], or [$]-[C]-[A]-[S]-[H]

  • (6) [T]-[O]-[Y]-[O]-[T]-[A], or [W]-[I]-[N]-[N]-[E]-[R],

    or [$]-[1]-[0]-[0]-[0]-[0] (For $10,000 Cash)

  • (7) [H]-[Y]-[U]-[N]-[D]-[A]-[I], or [$]-[W]-[I]-[N]-[N]-[E]-[R],

    or [C]-[A]-[S]-[I]-[N]-[O]-[$]

Cost of this promotion is determined by:

  1. The value of your prize

  2. The number of dice being rolled

  3. the total number of rolls that will be take place in the promotion.