Guess The Number
Special Promotion

Auto Dealer Promotions, Radio Station Promotions, Publicity at a State Fair, Casino Night for a Charity, High School Booster Club Events.

There are a lot of events that can benefit from a special promotion that offers a large cash prize or new vehicle. Finding the right promotion and using the right marketing can turn a normal event into something that is extraordinary.

Here are a few ideas:

Guess The Number of Items

Pick an object that you want to fill and start loading it up with items. We’ve seen Jelly Beans in a Barrel, Pennies in a Water Jug, Stuffed Animals in a Car, Golf Balls in a Bed of a Truck, and much more. Invite everyone down during the day, weekend, week or month to take a guess at the total number of items by filling out a form with their name, phone number, e-mail and guess of items. At the end of the promotion window you will select 5, 10, 15 or 20 guesses and if one of those matches the actual number of items then they will win the grand prize.

Cost of this promotion is determined by:

  1. The value of your prize

  2. The number of guesses

  3. The total number of items

Keep in mind, you have to supply the items going into the object and someone needs to count the number of items before the promotion starts. Coins are the most cost effective and time effective items to use because they come in pre-counted containers and you can return them to the bank after the promotion.