Recipients match the VIN
at the dealership with the VIN on the mailer

Set up your sale, event or weekend at a dealership, festival or fair. Invite as many people down that you would like for a chance to win. The game is simple, and everyone who has a driver's license has the opportunity to play! Everyone can get the chance to see if the last 6 digits of their state issued driver’s license matches the last 6 digits of the vehicle VIN. This event can create excitement for your business as attendees flood in for the chance to win a new motorcycle or car. If you have a match, you have a winner! Either way, everyone who comes down to see will help make your event a success. 

Cost of this promotion is determined by:

  1. The value of your prize

  2. The number of mailers going out

  3. The number of days you want the promotion to run