Putting Contest

Putting Contests

As a tournament director, you’re constantly challenged to come up with new and exciting contests at your event. One of the most exciting promotions at a golf tournament is a putting contest.

There are a number of different ways that you can incorporate a putting contest into your next event. Here are just a few examples:

  • Have the closest to the pin on all of the par 3’s get a chance to win the grand prize. After everyone is done and you announce who the 4 contestants are you can go straight to the putting green and have the crowd gather round while the 4 contestants take their chance at winning the grand prize.
  • Allow all of the contestants to have a chance to win. During registration and prior to the start of the tournament, each contestant would get a chance to make a series of putts (10’, 30’, 50’). Should one of your contestants make all 3 putts they would win the grand prize.
  • Include it as a raffle item. If their raffle # is drawn that player would get the chance to make a 50’ putt to win the grand prize.

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