The Dice Roll Promotion

Give everyone a chance to roll the dice for their chance to win a prize. You can choose to use 5, 6 or 7 dice to spell out a special word or phrase that, if someone rolls they will win the prize.

Some examples are:

  • (5) [H]-[O]-[N]-[D]-[A], or [P]-[R]-[I]-[Z]-[E], or [$]-[C]-[A]-[S]-[H]

  • (6) [T]-[O]-[Y]-[O]-[T]-[A], or [W]-[I]-[N]-[N]-[E]-[R],

    or [$]-[1]-[0]-[0]-[0]-[0] (For $10,000 Cash)

  • (7) [H]-[Y]-[U]-[N]-[D]-[A]-[I], or [$]-[W]-[I]-[N]-[N]-[E]-[R],

    or [C]-[A]-[S]-[I]-[N]-[O]-[$]

Cost of this promotion are determined by:

  1. The value of your prize

  2. The number of dice being rolled

  3. the total number of rolls that will be take place in the promotion.