Golf Associations
How long in advance do they need to set it up?

If you have an event tomorrow that you need golfers hole in one insurance coverage for we can set it up for you and have a policy in place right away. If you need tee-signs for your event we ask for a minimum of 10 business days to allow for standard ground UPS Shipping. Anything within that window may incur an expedited shipping fee to assure the signs get to you on time.

What type of prizes do we offer? What is the highest $$ amount your company insures?

We have a variety of popular golfers hole in one insurance vacation packages that we offer at $10,000, $15,000 and $20,000 Values. Click HERE (Link to Prize Package Page) to view these options. We can and have insured almost every type of vehicle. Motorcycles, ATV’s, Tractors, Cars, Trucks, Big Rigs, Boats, Golf Boards, Golf Carts and even airtime for Private Jets and Helicopters. Any prize that has an associated cash value can be insured. From $1,000 to One Million Dollars, we can do it all.

What is your yardage requirement?

We offer insurance for hole in one contests for golfers that are 135 yards or longer. Our goal is to find the distance that is going to give you the best value in insurance for your golfers hole in one contest, finding a balance between getting you the best price and giving your golfers the best chance of making a hole-in-one. Most contests take place from 165 yards for men. The most expensive packages are going to be the shortest distance of 135 yards. On the flipside, if you want the least expensive package we can move the golfers over 200 yards. It’s all about finding that distance that give you the best value. Our minimum distance for women is always 135 yards regardless of where the men are playing from.

How do I pay for my coverage?

You are able to pay for your coverage with a Check or Credit Card.

What do your signs look like?

Our signs are in the shape of a golf ball sitting on a tee. They measure 28” tall by 20” wide. The space available for your sponsor logo and the hole in one prize description is 11” tall by 14” wide.

Is a spotter/witness always required? If so, how many?

All main prize holes must have a witness. All witnesses must be tournament non-participants, age 18 or over and appointed by the sponsor, tournament committee, or approved by Hole-in-One U.S.A. Witnesses cannot be an immediate relative of a winning participant. Prize amounts up to $50,000 require one witness. Prize amounts from $50,001 - $100,000 require two witnesses. Prize amounts from $100,001 - $250,000 require two witnesses, one of which must be a PGA-certified golf professional and may require a video recording. Prize amounts from $250,001 - $1,000,000 require two witnesses consisting of a PGA-certified golf professional and one law enforcement officer and may require a video recording. Witnesses must see the hole clearly and be able to actually witness and attest that the hole in one occurred.

What do I do if I need to change the date or cancel my tournament?

If the tournament needs to be postponed (i.e. due to inclement weather preventing play, low turnout, etc.) and (a) no shots were taken on the target hole(s) and (b) notice of such postponement is provided to Hole-in-One U.S.A. within 2 business days of the original tournament date, this Contract may be amended to a new date agreed upon by Hole-in-One U.S.A. and Tournament Sponsor without additional charge. If the tournament is not able to be rescheduled, we will cancel your coverage and a refund will be made. If signs were shipped, the refund will reflect a $50.00 cancellation fee (a signature on the contract represents approval for the shipment of signs). Partially completed events will be refunded or credited based on the number of participants that took a shot at the designated hole, with our minimum fee being $150.00.