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    Hole-In-One Insurance

    We have been the premier provider of Hole-in-One insurance for golf tournaments for over 30 years. Our american hole in one coverage allows you to offer BIG prizes for making a hole in one at your event without having the budget to pay for them when it happens. If a hole in one is made, we pay for the prize! All of our U.S. hole in one insurance contest contracts are 100% underwritten by Everest National, an A+ rated international insurance company.

    How Does Hole In One Insurance Work?

    It’s simple, you pay Hole-in-One U.S.A. a small contract fee based upon:

    1. The number of golfers playing in your tournament
    2. The cash value of the hole in one grand prize you select
    3. The length of your contest hole

    What You Get

    1. 100% insured prize guarantee for EVERY hole in one made
    2. FREE contest signs announcing the hole in one prizes and your contest sponsor
    3. FREE ancillary hole in one prizes for all par 3 holes
    4. FREE shipping

    When Someone Gets a Hole In One

    1. Give us a call to report the claim
    2. We will send you paperwork for witnesses, etc to sign
    3. We will gently investigate for validity
    4. We will fulfill or pay for the prize!

    How Much Does Hole In One Insurance Cost?

    Hole in one coverage starts at $150 and is dependent upon the variables mentioned above. The average hole in one prize contract runs under $400 and includes everything you need to run a successful hole in one contest.

    What are the Odds of Making a Hole In One?

    In our 30+ years providing national hole in one insurance, the odds of making a hole in one for amateur golfers has proven to be 12,500 to 1 and for professional golfers, 2,500 to 1.

    Give your golfers more reasons to enter and talk about your golf tournament with a hole-in-one contest from Hole-in-One U.S.A. Get free hole in one insurance quotes today by using the form above!

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    Hole In One Insurance

    Why would you run a golf tournament without a hole in one contest? For as little as $150 a hole in one contest increases the number of players in your event and enhances their experience on the course with contests, prizes, and signage!

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    Putting Contest Insurance

    Here’s an idea. Add a fun putting contest to your tournament. Starting at just $150, you can offer exciting prizes for simply making a putt! Contests make your tournament bigger and better and give you the ability to advertise as a big time event!

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    Million Dollar Shots

    Did you know that you can offer the chance to win $1,000,000 at your event for $190? That’s right, fully insured million dollar shots are a great way to reward your closest to the hole, longest drive, or raffle ticket winners. Create a millionaire at your tournament!

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    Hole and Contest Signs

    Trying to raise money? Sell sponsorships. Local businesses are always looking for ways to give back and be seen. Our hole and contest sponsor signs are affordable, reusable, and give your sponsors the colorful credit they deserve.

    A Trusted Industry Partner

    When it comes to Hole In One Insurance for golf tournaments, choose to work with an established and trusted partner in the business for over 30 years. We’ve partnered with businesses and associations across the country to best facilitate their hole in one coverage needs.

    We are:

    • The preferred provider of the Corporate Toyota Hole-in-One Program
    • The preferred provider of the Corporate Lexus Hole-in-One Program
    • The exclusive approved vendor for the Honda and Acura eMall program
    • An approved vendor for the FCA MarketCenter Program (available to Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep and Ram dealers)
    • The preferred provider of State and Regional Auto Dealer Associations
    • The exclusive approved provider of the Folds of Honor
    • The preferred provider of 20+ PGA Sections and State Golf Associations
    • The approved provider of Topgolf
    • The exclusive provider of the Golf Tournament Association of America
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    Honda/Acura eMall

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    Auto Association Programs

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