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eMall National Hole-in-One Car Insurance Program

We are excited to provide Honda and Acura USA dealers with national car insurance from Hole-in-One as part of the eMall program! Hole-in-One U.S.A. provides hole-in-one insurance for golfers. We have worked with American Honda since 1998. We are underwritten by Zurich North America and are in our 26th year of business. Providing golfers with a Hole-in-One prize at local golf tournaments is a wonderful way to advertise and display your vehicle. What better way to become a known and respected name in your community than sponsoring a charity golf tournament and getting national insurance for hole-in-one events.

Important features of our national Hole-in-One car insurance program:

  • All Honda and Acura USA dealerships will receive preferred pricing for Hole-in-One contracts set up with us.
  • Customized signage for the main prize as well as the secondary prizes with the name (logo) of the dealership on all of the signs.
  • Secondary prizes are included in our package for all of our golfers Hole-in-One contracts with no additional charge to you. The prizes offer each participant a chance to win a prize on the additional par 3’s. We have several package options.
  • Monthly billing is an option for those dealers that do a number of events each month.
  • When you contact Hole-in-One U.S.A. you will experience a level of knowledge and expertise unmatched in the industry (over 100 years of experience).
  • Payouts without question are one of the most important aspects of insurance for Hole-In-One programs. We have the financial backing (underwriting by Zurich North America) and a knowledgeable claims department that enables the claims process to run smoothly, which means you receive a claim check in a timely fashion.

Call us at 800.383.7273 to learn more about the national Honda and Acura USA eMall Hole-in-One Car Insurance Program.