Hole In One Insurance

For the shootout competition you will have a pre-selected number of participants attempting to hit a hole-in-one for a selected prize.

Shootouts are a great way to offer a high dollar prize value at a minimum cost to you. When a shootout contest is run correctly, you can add a lot of excitement to your tournament and help to raise participation year after year. You are able to qualify your shootout participants in any way, so be creative to maximize your shootouts potential benefit. Invite golfers to participate by holding a raffle and give one lucky golfer the chance to win big by hitting a hole-in-one! 


Raise more money by selling raffle tickets for a chance to participate in the shootout.


Increase rounds or tournament participation by offering drawings or closest to the pin contests to qualify for a chance to compete in a shootout held in conjunction with a tournament or have a shootout at the end of each month.